Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ransacked? Ransacked!

This morning began rather in a peculiar fashion.

First of all, Alex and I slept downstairs for a change. Why we did this, I'm not really sure. Oh, wait, it's because we can! That's right.

I got up a little before six to freshen up before getting Alex his coffee and cereal so I could be sure he got off to work all right. (Does anyone actually believe that?) Okay, I rolled over so he could kiss me goodbye and went right back to sleep.

Although he knows better, Alex telephoned me about 8:30 AM. (I don't get up before 9 because I read that most people die early in the morning. I'm not afraid of dying, but I would much rather do it in bed than on the kitchen floor.) In any case, my feeling at the phone ringing early is always one of "Oh my God! Who died?"

Well, it turns out that Alex went out to the car this morning and saw that the front passenger door was not closed. His immediate reaction was "oh shit, the battery", followed by "What the hell?"

The car had been ransacked. A GPS unit was gone, a flashlight, and about $10 in change. The glove box was emptied on the floor, and the owner's manual and service record paperwork was strewn all over the floor in the back.

I asked Alex if he called the police and he said he had just gotten off the phone with them. "What did they say?", I inquired. He said the cop he talked to was young and he said "No worries, we'll just file a report." What do you mean, he said "No worries?"

I was hoping for a little more action out of this than that! I was actually expecting something like this!

We pay taxes! Why aren't the police here taking fingerprints and looking for clues? I particularly would have liked to talk to that silver haired gorgeous police woman with the crew cut.

Another question, why didn't our dogs bark. The car was in the driveway. Shouldn't they be doing their duty? No, they were cuddled up on the bed with us sleeping away.

My neighbor Mary telephoned about 9 this morning to ask me to come to a Mary Kay party on Friday. Mary Kay is a cosmetics firm and they have "parties" to sell their stuff. I don't like Mary Kay. I don't like Mary that much either. Come to think of it, she may not like me or she wouldn't have invited me to this party. I said no thanks.

And since Alex had already taken the car to work, why wouldn't he just wait till 9 AM to tell me this stuff.

Some days are just more disappointing than others.

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