Friday, August 13, 2010

What Am I To Make Of This???

This came in the mail this week, to "Alexia". Now I am curious, is there any connection to my husband Alex?

I have no real problem with Alex wanting Victoria Secret lingerie, but I wonder where he signed up to order it.

I am glad he gets a free panty though. Free panties are always good, aren't they? Still, since I do not like Victoria's Secret stuff, I know he didn't order it for me. Was it for him?

When I was first married and 19, I used to love wearing my husbands tighty whities. Still, at Alex's age, I thought we had gotten all past that. I had my moments, but he should have too at this point.

Living with Alex, I have seen no real evidence, but I still worry. Is this why those little pink panties of mine have the sprung crotch? And when did he start using the name Alexia?

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