Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harry's New Bed

We got Harry (our big goldie orange dog) a new bed last weekend.

He ate his first bed. It was an expensive one too. Pity, really. Harry has "issues" and chews on things when he gets nervous.

You may have noticed that the dog in the photo does not look like Harry. The reason for this is that the dog in the photo is not Harry. It's Honey.

Honey does not believe that anything belongs to Harry.

I have the same attitude that Honey does. I don't really believe anything belongs to my husband Alex. It's all mine. Oh I let him drive the silly cars to get back and forth to work. Of course I do. Somebody has to make money around here, and preferably, a lot of it.

Harry walked in the room, looked at Honey in his new bed, lowered his head and walked out of the room looking sad. I've seen Alex do the same thing when I've taken his new ipad for me. Hah!

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