Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sleep Tight - Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite

These guys do not make it easier for me to sleep.

Since I was a child, I've heard the rhyme "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite". I always thought it was a silly bit of rhyming nonsense but had no idea there really were bedbugs.

I thought it was bad when my family's household had an infestation of fleas when I was about 10. Fleas are troublesome enough, but bedbugs being real just has me ready to wrap myself in saran wrap before attempting to sleep, (or give up on sleep completely for a year or two).

The idea that creepy crawlies would be in my bed just horrifies me. And the notion that Michael, Kerry and Gabe could have carried these bugs from Chicago to Colorado has me horrified. Chicago, I saw on the news, is one of the most bedbug infested towns, right up there with New York City.

Michael, Kerry and Gabe went to Chicago last week so that Gabe could play hockey. I can only assume they stayed in a hotel or motel during their stay since they flew in an airplane and that would not be conducive to carrying camping equipment with them. I can just see them resting their curly heads on pillows in some hotel or motel in Chicago. It makes me shudder for them.

Bedbugs apparently suck warm blood. I guess it could be worse as sucking cold blood is really nastier as we all know. I just wish it was as simple as head lice. While lice are certainly unpleasant, you can always burn your clothing and shampoo yourself head to toe with "Rid" and be rid of the critters.

When my son was about 4, I was bringing him home from pre-school on the bus and holding his little hand. My son gave me a note from the school saying they had a head lice infestation. I jerked my hand out of his, and told him to hold on to the rail. I also moved several inches away from him. Before arriving at our home, I went to a pharmacy and had an urgent conversation with the pharmacist. He gave me a bottle of "Rid". Once home, I stripped my son naked and wet him with a hose and poured the whole bottle of "Rid" on his little head and body. Yes, I burned his clothing and his shoes.

I do not know how you get rid of bedbugs. So Michael, although you know I have invited you and your family to come and visit me, I must now insist that you all bring sleeping bags and I'll put you up in the garden. Don't worry. It's a nice backyard.

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