Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tribal Scars

This photo was taken yesterday at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco.

It may be the last photo you will ever see of me with my legs showing.

My best friend CT, my husband, Alex and I had lunch and did a little window shopping.

Then we headed over to my daughter's condo in North Beach to watch the Blue Angels airshow from her terrace right below Coit Tower.

My daughter and her family have a lovely English Bulldog named Winston, aka Winnie, aka Bubba, aka Bubbalicious. I adore Winston. And, he adores me.

I greeted Winnie and in his enthusiasm, he jumped up on the back of my leg and caught me with his claws. Ouch. Unfortunately he drew blood and left a couple of nasty long scars on my left leg. My daughter and her husband were horrified and ran for the Neosporin ointment.

My daughter also banished Winnie from the Terrace. Poor Winston. It wasn't his fault that he was overcome with love. I now bear his marks. It could be worse. Hell, it has been worse.

The air show was marvelous by the way. CT and my daughter and I sat on the terrace sipping wine and laughing for what seemed like hours. It may have seemed like hours because it was actually hours.

I somehow got home and woke up in the wrong bed naked with bloody scars on my leg. That's how I know it was probably a fun night.

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