Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I was flying from San Francisco to New York via Chicago for a meeting.

I had a seat mate who was a very nice guy. He told me his name was Josh, (it was) and I told him my name was Lorraine (it wasn't). I was flying on to New York the next morning because I liked to break up flights to the East Coast.

Josh was flying on to Italy the next morning. We talked during the almost 5 hour flight and told each other some truths and some lies. I told him I was married. (I wasn't.) He told me he wasn't. (He was.) It really didn't matter to me.

We arrived in Chicago about 9:00 PM. We took a cab to the hotel where he had reservations. It was one night. And it was lovely. I awoke when the sun started to come up. I dressed and quietly left Josh sleeping peacefully. I went downstairs with my bag and got a cab back to O'Hare.

I thought about him for a long time after that night. He may have also thought about me.

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