Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Personalized Fetish Bags for Christmas

I'm making fetish bags this year for Christmas presents.

Mine won't look exactly like this one because I'm not artistic. Still, this is the perfect solution for the man, woman, or child who has everything.

I'm going to make the bags out of cloth, rather than rawhide. And I'm not adding jewels or decorations to them. The important thing is what I put inside them. I'm going to start with teeth, either human or animal. I can probably get some old cat teeth or dog teeth from my vet. My dentist might have some human teeth laying around that he would not be sorry to part with.

If this gets to be too difficult, I have Alex, the dogs, and the cat and a good pair of pliers.

Next I'm going to add some hair, human and animal. It just seems like a good fetish bag should have some hair in it. Nail clippings are good too. Cat nails clippings add a nice touch I think, but any old nail clippings will do.

I have some nice small rocks and I'm going to put a pretty little rock in the bags as well, and maybe some corn pollen. Sage is good too and I have a lot of it growing outside my house. I may toss in a clove or two for scent.

Now, some of my friends might wonder about my choice of a gift to them. But I figure if I act mysterious I can pull it off. Here is a rough idea of what my bags will look like.

I will tell them to open the bags if they wish, or just tie them on a leather strip around their neck, wrist or belt.

Keep in mind, this is just what I had handy. I will use higher quality material for the actual bags. Still, I think the rubber band is a nice touch. Kind of homey, you know.

We have a new girl on the block. I've been seeing Madge's comments for a couple of weeks now and she has started her own blog. I love this woman and she's hysterical. Check her out!

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