Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stilettos - Day 23

It began with my mother.

She used to walk around in the morning in her satin nightgowns with matching robe and a pair of high heeled slippers with feathers on the toes.

I thought she looked like a movie star.  Mom was not like anyone else.  All of my friend's moms were pretty plain compared to her.  They wore pajamas and big warm robes.  Their slippers looked like men's slippers.

I got my first pair of heels when I was 13.  I was in high school at the time, and I was not alone in wearing heels.  Many of the girls wore them with plaid skirts and angora sweaters.

I loved the look of high heels.  There was something so ultra-feminine about their shape.  I also loved being taller.  I found that I had no trouble at all walking in them.  Actually, I could even run in heels.  I very seldom wore flat shoes at all.  I did have a pair of tennis shoes I kept in my locker at school for P.E., but that was the extent of my flat heeled wardrobe.

Ten years after high school, the biggest fad around was the platform shoe with a gigantic platform and sky high heels.  I wore those with varying degrees of success.  I thought they looked great, and they made me very tall, but on occasion I would topple off of them and it was a long way down to the ground.

I discovered stiletto's and I have never looked back.  They are the sleekest, most beautiful shoes ever made.  I don't wear the 5" heels now, but a 4" stiletto is fine.  I also own a variety of wedge shoes and sandals for summer.

Neighbors think I'm eccentric because I do everything from housework to gardening in heels.  I don't care what they think.

I love my high heel shoes.

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