Saturday, February 20, 2010

High Anxiety

This is what my house usually looks like. Right this moment, I wouldn't even recognize it.

We have contractors working to replace some dry rotted boards on the front porch.

The contractors have torn out the front porch. There is a ladder in front of my window going up to the roof where they have raised a portion of the roof.

I'm shaking all over. I hate chaos! I hate mess! I hate men climbing up ladders! I hate anything that makes my house look scary to me. I hate my husband because he thinks this is fun.

The guys (plus my husband Alex) have gone off to Home Depot for "stuff". They told me to watch the tools so they don't get stolen. I'm looking out my window and seeing a huge mess.

I may call my vet and tell them that Harry or Honey is having an anxiety attack and needs valium. (Harry and Honey are fine, but I need some valium.) Hopefully, it won't make me start barking.

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