Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day With Harry

Me And Dad In My Bed

It' s been one of those weeks. Sheesh! Or "HFMB" as my mom and dad shout at each other and laugh!

Dad went on another trip to Ginia. That's far. When dad goes on a trip, mom says "I can't walk you Harry. You're just too bad on a leash!" Okay, so for fun I just chase squirrels and run for my life from Honey. It gets boring usually though.

I have an island to go play on too if dad is home. It's called "Coast Gard Island" and it belongs to me and Honey. You go there and you can chase ducks into the water and swim right out after them. You can find cats in the trees too. One day I did. I love finding cats in trees. I can run and run fast as the wind.

I told you before there is this dog next door named Dutch and he is my friend. He lives with Sansome, (this yappy Pug guy) and Delilah. Delilah is a French Bull Dog but she's pretty small. Okay so I'm out in the yard and I'm chasing squirrels and then all at once I get a smell that's like something I've never smelled coming from next door. This is the most awesome thing I've ever smelled in my life!

So what do I do, I start digging. There's a fence between our houses, but I can dig really deep and go over to that yard and see what that smell is all about. Mom catches me digging and yells at me "NO HARRY!" so I stop for minute until she goes inside.

My next door neighbor Mary comes over and says to mom, Delilah is in heat! Mom says, "Oh I see." I know about hot dogs and sometimes I get a piece of one, but Delilah does not smell like one of those. She smells different and wonderful! I pretend like I'm chasing squirrels and that's my job, but I'm really still digging! I'm almost there!

Next thing you know, we get visitors. It's Lola and her family. The family are all nice but I love Lola. They let me go and play in the yard with Lola. But then everybody gets mad because I'm trying to do something fun with Lola and you know what happens? Everybody starts yelling at me and Lola even gets mad and bites me on the ear.

Mom says I'm trying to "mount" Lola. Well, how could I do that when I'm big and she's little? I'm just trying to play like we are doing something fun! Mom makes me go in the house and then Lola gets all the tension and all the snaks from everybody. I'm mad too.

Then Honey gets mad because she hates Lola. It was really a fun day! Mom had to yell at Honey too and that made me laugh! Honey never gets in trouble for anything except things like trying to kill the cat or Lola. Hah!

Then Dad comes home and I'm so glad to see him. I know he's not mad at me and he will give me snaks because he always eats snaks all the time! He eats snaks and then he takes naps! You see why I love this guy so much?

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