Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Confessional

Here we go again! Time for Friday's Confession. Thank you Glamazon for giving me this opportunity to unload!

Everyone forgive me for I have lied.

My last confession was snippets of truth mixed in with wild imagination. Three of the sins I claimed, I owned proudly. But the rest of them, not so much. I am not sorry for this sin. Not in the slightest! It made for a very merry Friday!

So there you have it! (And, no, I will not indicate which ones were true!) I'd much rather leave that up to you, dear reader! What I can tell you is that all of them had what I would have to call a smidgen of truth in them, but only that smidgen! (What on earth is a smidgen? I'm not sure.)

I have had my husband home since last Sunday afternoon. Not enough time for me to get ticked off at him. Having my darling DIL and the four babies and Lola for a visit was more fun than trial. Hanging up on the telemarketer is not a sin.

So other than that one big one (THE LIE), I am sinless which is just as well right before Easter. Now, keep in mind, I am primarily a pagan woman so the concept of sin may not be the same for you as it is for me.

Nonetheless, Happy Easter and Happy Spring and where the hell is the sun???

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