Thursday, May 13, 2010

Are They Spoiled?

People say I spoil my pets. Perhaps they are right.

This is a photo of Harry's bed. Harry loves his bed. He sleeps in it every night.

Harry likes to lay at the end of the bed where he can see his reflection in the mirror. He watches himself a lot. Harry seems to really admire his reflection and I think that's a good thing.

Perhaps the room is really too feminine for Harry, but he doesn't seem to think so. He's very happy with it just as is.

Harry has a sitting room too. It's less formal. He does like his creature comforts, that boy. He almost never naps on the floor. Harry more or less refuses to lie on the floor. Weird, huh?

The only exception to this refusal to lie on the floor has come in the last week or so. Now Harry joins me every day as I take my bath.
He comes in and rests his head on the side of the tub for the first few minutes just watching me intently, (yes, it can be a tad unnerving). He then settles down on the bath mat right next to the tub. Harry gets up if I splash to see what's going on, but then goes back to his position on the floor to rest while he's on duty for bath patrol.

When I try to get out of the bath, I have to be very careful. Climbing over Harry is no small feat when you are wet. He's a big boy!

Honey is very comfortable on the floor. She has beds all over the house that she uses. When nobody is looking, she gets up on the sofa in Harry's sitting room. As soon as anybody walks in the room, she jumps off like she's embarrassed to be caught or she might get in trouble. After all these years, she still won't get up on any piece of furniture if we are anywhere around.

When we have gone on trips and left the dogs in the room while we went to dinner, both dogs are on the bed when we get back. But Honey will immediately jump down more or less to say "It wasn't me!"

Now Smokey the cat is an entirely different kettle of fish so to speak. He sleeps where every he wants. Cats are like that. His favorite spot is in my closet hidden under my hanging clothes, but he can be found asleep any number of places in the house. Bathroom? Sure! Tub? Sometimes Shower, yup! He sleeps in bed with me and Alex or on any of the other beds in the house (except Harry's).

Smokey Joe does not move if he's in a chair and you want to sit there. You go sit someplace else is his attitude. One thing he really loves is patches of sunshine. He has all those patches timed and makes his rounds every day. Early morning, upstairs bedroom. Mid morning, under the skylight in the family room. Afternoon, the parlor is a great place to people watch through the white lace curtains. Late afternoon, the kid's bedroom upstairs.

It's a busy life.

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