Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Confessional

Okay, all us sinners, it's (it is, Darling Glam) time for us to hook up with the Gorgeous, Gutsy and Glamorous Glamazon for our weekly repent session. We always feel better after we do this, so don't put it off. I'm just so glad I have a place to spew all of my sins!

1. Allergies are making me drink whiskey. Now I'm not just itchy and sneezy, I'm hungover too.

2. I bought two packages of our favorite cookies but I hid one so I won't have to share it with Alex.

3. Alex is always thinking about food. When we are having lunch he wants to know what we're having for dinner. Why doesn't he just think about nudie bars or something?

4. My leaky brain is having a negative impact on my personality. I'm pissed off about it. I am afraid to take a shower. If I take a shower, I could bleed to death in there and nobody would know for hours and hours. I also am afraid to lean over the sink to wash my hair because if I put my head down like that, I could strangle on my leaking brain. It's not really that I am so terrified of dying, but I want to do it in a certain way if that's not too much to ask. I want to be wearing a pretty clean nightgown, be lying on clean sheets, and not do anything messy, just sort of lady like slip away. Leaky brains do not lend themselves to that scenario.

5. A friend suggested that I stick a little Vaseline up my nose to keep it from bleeding. I did that yesterday and I haven't had any more nosebleeds. Maybe this works. But I still resent it. Seems like all of my hard fast rules have gone out the window. I never stuck anything up my nose was one. Never sticking anything up another orifice was another. Damn and double damn! Now I'm just saying that sticking Vaseline up my nose is not that bad, but have you ladies been to the GYN lately? I'm just sayin...

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