Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doing It My Way

My pal, Laura, at The Purse Blogger gave me a little something called the "Plastic Joy Award"! Thank you Laura! If you don't already know Laura, check her out!

Now, this award came with a picture of a Barbie doll (I think) lying atop a Ken doll. I get the idea from the photo, and from Laura's explanation that I should name the 5 people I would like to "knock boots with" or "boink".

As I thought about this, in all honesty, I am a terrible bore because the only boinking I have any interest in is with my husband Alex. But, it's really more of a variety than it sounds like. In the beginning, Alex was a poor sailor. I love sailors. always have, always will. Right after that, Alex was an aircraft mechanic and a college student. Then Alex was a weekend warrior with the Air National Guard. I loved the BDU's (in fact, even more than the bell bottoms). Then Alex was Air Force. I love the dress blues! Now Alex is a defense contractor, computer scientist, and retired military. Hot! So don't feel sorry for me.

I've changed the rules a bit here on this knocking boots stuff. I am going to name the 5 men I would love to spend a couple of hours talking to. I find all of these men very appealing for a variety of reason, just not as appealing as my husband.

5. Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder and Philanthropist

I admire the guy. (Alex does not like him.) I don't care. I think he's great! The dude is a total brain and has done so much for so many. He inspires me!

4. Sean Connery (as James Bond)

I still think Sean is the only REAL James Bond. Not only did I love him as James Bond, I wanted to BE him as James Bond. This guy was the coolest secret agent who ever walked the silver screen!

3. Willie Mays - The Greatest Ballplayer Ever !

Willie embodied grace, style, talent and modesty! He was my hero when he played for the Giants and he will be my hero for all of my life. Spending two hours talking to the man would be the thrill of a lifetime!

2. Jet Li - An Extraordinary Athlete, Actor, and Good Guy

There is something about this man that just fascinates me. Maybe it's his talent, or his smile. Whatever, I'd love to know him. He just seems so real and down to earth!

1. Alex - The Best of the Best

Alex is smart, funny, handsome, talented, brave, sweet, gentle, good, caring, generous, daring, interesting, adventurous, amazing, friendly, sexy, charming, stylish, and MINE. (Yeah, using Alex is cheating on my list! So sue me!)

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