Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Monday Morning With The Hounds From Hell

Alex left for work at 6:30 AM (his usual time). I rolled over and realized I was awake and it was unlikely I'd go back to sleep.

Still, I thought about waiting an hour or so before I got up. It's dark and cold and spitting rain this morning. Damn! And we're almost up to June. Did Spring forget us this year?

My plans to lie abed and meditate came to a halt when the most horrid racket I had every heard came from the back yard. All I could figure is that someone was being murdered back there and I'd better get up to go offer first aid or call the police. Murder, uh no. Bloody mating squirrels!

Now both dogs are frothing at the mouth and doing their best Cujo imitation. We have hardwood floors and very high ceilings in this old house. The sounds of their barks, growls, and carrying on echoes to the point of making me consider turning them into silent ninjas with a voice box removal operation.

Harry was in a total frenzy, trying to bust through the window to get at the mating (I guess) squirrels. Honey is trying to attack Harry to show those squirrels that if she can do this to Harry, just imagine what she can do to them! I feel like I've entered the 7th Circle of Hell!

Murder, mayhem, torture, sex, I've had it all this morning and on a Monday, I don't need it all, (except maybe the sex). In any case, the squirrels finished their nasty business and scampered off. I let the hounds out in the yard and went back to bed.

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