Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Hate Surveys

When someone calls me on the phone and tells me they are taking a very important survey and they would like me to participate, I really should say no.

The problem is, I really hate saying no. (Ask any of my high school prom dates!) On occasion if I am really in the middle of something (cooking, reading blogs, polishing my toenails), I will actually say "uh, can you call me later?" The survey person will then ask me what time. Stupid me tells them.

It isn't really that I don't want to be helpful, cooperative, and so on. It's mainly that I just hate being told what my answers have to be. There I go with my problem following directions again. If my answers have to be Always, Usually, Sometimes, Seldom, or Never, where do you put "once in a blue moon", or "hell if I know", or even "well, it depends".

Then we get to the "Strongly agree", "Somewhat agree", "Somewhat disagree", and "Strongly disagree" but that doesn't leave much room either.

If you want to call me and ask my opinion, why can't you let me put in my own words. Sometimes it's worked strongly one way, but the next time it's worked strongly the other way and so why isn't there a checkpoint for "strongly feel neutral" over this question.

Yes, I have met men taking surveys, in fact I had one fly in from a bathtub in Indiana to meet me.

I think I almost always frustrate the survey taker enough that they kind of wish they had never reached me at all by the time I'm half way through the survey. (Okay, even earlier than that, to be honest.)

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