Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who Writes These Headlines?

"Cops Find Naked Drunken Teen In Stranger's Bathtub" (This event happened in Indiana.)

"Slain Woman Found In Suitcase Off Embarcadero" ("There was no obvious cause of death, but the police are treating it as a homicide.") You think?

"Head Of Christian Bike Club Gets Probation" (Don't you kind of wonder what the rest of him got?)

I'm really sorry. I know these things are not funny. But, taken together in today's SF Newspaper, there is kind of a weird reaction I get. Reading these headlines makes me feel like I've been drinking. (And, Jen, I have not.)

It has turned kind of warm and soggy in my little corner of the world. I refused to do laundry yesterday because it was raining and I have to go outside and go down to the basement to do it. I hate the basement and find it scary and gloomy in the best of times. In the rain, you gotta be kidding.

I've used the excuse of a leaky brain to avoid laundry for about 2 weeks, but my brain has stopped leaking and so it has to get done. I'm tired of pulling on a bathing suit every morning because I have no clean underwear. Worse, I'm not sure Alex has any either. I told him to just turn them inside out.

I worry that I am the kind of woman who could end up in a suitcase, dead of no obvious reason.

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