Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blanca or Leo - You Are Getting Fixed!

This is not a picture of Blanca/Leo. I feel I must protect the privacy of the real Blanca or Leo. When you are skinny, homeless and dirty, do you want your photo stuck on somebody's blog?

I think not. The cat in the photo is an internet cat and looks to be in fairly good shape. My Blanca/Leo is not nearly as presentable.

I made an appointment for her/him to be neutered on Friday morning. Blanca or Leo will also get shots on that day. I am taking her/him to the Oakland SPCA where they will do the operation for only $60. Not bad really. I did explain that the kitty is a stray, and I have no current plans to adopt it. Uh huh. Yeah, sure.

I think they charge another $15 for the vaccinations and the cat will probably need three of them. I will bring her/him in and stick him in a bedroom for the night before the the procedure. He or she may not like it, but too bad. I can't go around at 6:30 AM searching for the darned cat.

Oh, and after the operation, I'm going to just stick the cat right back outside on the sidewalk, right? Say, bye now, Blanca or Leo! See you tomorrow for a can of food! Have a good night! Yeah, that's going to happen all right.

I really wasn't planning on another cat. I am a dog person. Why am I messing with this damned skinny blond cat? The cat got all excited yesterday and bit my ankle in his or her exuberance! Nice! Drew blood in fact. Okay, I doubt the cat has Rabies but still.

I'll let you all know if we are dealing with Blanca or with Leo just as soon as a vet tells me. This is all too hard really because Alex is in Georgia probably going to Nudie Bars and having fun and I'm abducting a homeless cat and force sterilizing it while trying to get it to live in my house.

Sometimes I am in awe of my stupidity! (Yeah, this is Blanca, Leo directly below.)


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