Monday, July 12, 2010

You're Never Too Young

This is Abigail Rose. She is six.

Abbey loves to golf. And she loves eccentric clothes. Her mother encourages the golf, but it's Grandma Linda who assists with the clothing.

I think her little outfit just screams "Biker Chic" and it works for her. I'm just sorry I couldn't find any black flip flops with sequins to go with the outfit.

I've also gotten her an ankle length velvet cape with faux fur around the bottom, and about 12 pairs of plastic high heel shoes. Abbey loves them!

When Abbey's older sister, Hannah Rose was younger, I took her shopping for clothes for her birthday. We also had lunch. After buying Hannah several outfits including a lime green dress, we went to Bloomies to find her some shoes. In particular, I wanted some shoes for that lime green dress.

We found a pair that were the perfect shade of lime green, and the only problem was that they had 3 inch heels. Hannah was delighted and I was too. (Of course, I have 6 grandchildren so it's hard to keep up with ages, birthdays, etc.) My son and his wife have four kids, including Abbey and Hannah. After we were home, Hannah hurried to try on the green dress and shoes. She looked splendid!

I wondered aloud if her mother would be unhappy over the heels. Hannah responded that her Mom might think they were too old for her. What? At 11 years old, I had heels. Hannah responded, "Yeah, but I'm only 9". Whatever. How on earth am I supposed to remember how old everybody is!

Of course, now the tradition has been established so in January, Emma Rose turned 14, so it was time to take her to lunch and for a shopping spree. Now, maybe some of you think that strapless red dresses are too much for a 14 year old. I don't agree. In fact, they probably look better on a 14 year old than they do on a 40 year old. And each of these gorgeous females would look equally gorgeous in burlap sacks, but that isn't going to happen if I have anything to say about it!

My grandson Aidan is not nearly as complicated. At 8 years old, he is all about the toys. Clothes, unless it is a baseball hat or jersey. are a total waste on him.

Since my son and his wife consider me a tad eccentric, they let me dress these girls how I like as long as I get them sensible shoes sometimes. I'm all about the sensible shoes! Here are Hannah and Emma with G'Ma several years ago! This was before I got my hands on them to go shopping!

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