Monday, August 9, 2010

Bringing ADD Into Jayne's World (Continued)

Jayne has a magical cottage on a beautiful lavender farm. We were in awe of the landscape by the time we drove through a canopy of trees to her place.

At first glance, I couldn't tell it was Jayne standing there, because she looked like a 17 year old girl and a tiny one at that! When I saw the pretty red hair, I figured out this really was the Jayne I have admired for so long.

(Up close, she doesn't look 17. She looks about 30.) Uh huh. True that! And I'm amazed that I still love her, but I do. I also love Dixie, her chihuahua and her beautiful kitty, Mason. (Mason is really Dixie's pet as she selected him as her companion from the Shelter.)

Jayne, is witty, warm, and wonderful. Both Alex and I were dazzled with her cottage and even more so with Jayne herself! We had a lovely dinner and made plans to "do some stuff" the next day.

The next morning, we took a ride to see one of Jayne's horses, Bubba, who is a gorgeous and lovely older guy. Here is Jayne mucking out his stall while Bubba just hangs out looking pretty.

This photo was taken outside of Bubba's pen, because I am slightly (slightly? hah!) afraid of horses. Jayne told me to come on in and I eventually did. Bubba did not bite me or trample me, but I did keep a close eye on him.

I don't know this billy goat's name, but we have pretty much the same color hair. Goats are cool too! I was reminded of when Alex and I got married and Alex's mom was worried about having to buy 4 sheep and a goat for my mother and that can get expensive.

Fortunately for my mother-in-law, my mother lived in an apartment and had to refuse the lovely traditional Navajo dowry from my husband's mother.

We drove over to where another of Jayne's horses is stalled. When she brought out the beautiful and brawny Levi, I was stunned with his beauty.

And if any of you have questioned Jayne's claim to a "Size 4 Ass" enlarge this photo. This cannot be faked. I really had no idea butts came this small! Jayne also has a "Scarlett O'Hara" sized waist. Sometimes life just isn't fair!

Levi is such a handsome and funny guy. I got over my trepidation enough to feed him some carrots and even let him nuzzle the back of my neck and chew on my shoulder a bit. He's breathtaking!

There is something really amazing watching Jayne pushing around these magnificent creatures, sometimes just with the force of her "will". I guess the animals know who is in charge, and in this case, it's a 105 pound woman with determination!

We had a fabulous time that also included a picnic by a beautiful pond, wine tasting, getting some fresh peaches off the tree, seeing llamas on a neighbor's farm, seeing some bighorn cattle, deer, and the only traumatic part of the whole trip, getting 6 farm fresh eggs.

I followed Jayne into the hen house, and one of the chickens went all psycho on my ass, flying at me and screeching at the top of it's lungs, feathers flying everywhere in outrage. She must have mistaken me for a predator. I mistook her as an extra from the old Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds". I screamed bloody murder and ran for my life, nearly falling, since I was being chased by a murderous, wing-flapping chicken. Yeah, Jayne and Alex laughed at me. Twits!

Anyway, we had a fabulous trip and I'm trying to convince Jayne to come and see us.

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