Sunday, October 24, 2010

Celebrating the Orange and Black

Since our Giant's won the Pennant and will be playing in the World Series against the Rangers this coming Wednesday, I found just the thing to wear to the game.

Now, unfortunately, I do not have a ticket for the game. But since I have the perfect ensemble, maybe one of you would like to give me one. That would be nice.

I gather there are tickets for sale, but I was hearing prices like $8,000 and that's a bit out of reach for me. Still, if you happen to have an extra ticket, I would make a nice addition to your ballgame experience.

There are things I would do for a ticket, but they can't be discussed here. Or, they can, actually. I would be your love slave. (Just kidding.) I would cook your meals for week or clean your house. I would also do your laundry. Oh wait! I do that for Alex already and he's not giving me a ticket. Cheap bastard!

Oh well, we'll think of something.

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