Thursday, April 15, 2010


If there is anything I enjoy more than bidding on EBAY, I'm not sure what it is! The problem is, I think I am now a platinum member (if they have such a thing). I know for sure I am an EBAY Queen.

I know how to slip in at the last minute and grab something right out from under somebody's nose! Hah! It gives me pleasure to do something so rotten. I sit with my sweaty hands clasped in joy when the auction closes and I am the winner!

EBAY always makes such a big deal out of it too! They send you emails immediately that say "YOU WON THIS ITEM!" Even if you just use the "Buy it now" option, you still get the email that congratulates you for winning! I love being a winner! I love it! It makes me jump around saying "Happy Happy Joy Joy!"

There are a couple of things that are not that great about EBAY. In the first place, I will pay more than makes any sense for something just to WIN. (Yeah, I could get the item at Cost Plus for less.) But when I go to Cost Plus, I'm not going to be called a winner, now am I? In fact, I never remember anybody congratulating me at any store where I buy something.

I was bidding on a set of antique napkins and the bidding was fast and furious! I wasn't even sure I really liked them all that much, but still! I wanted to WIN. Yeah, I paid over $100 for 6 antique napkins. I'm sorry, but that was ridiculous! I paid a high price to win on that one.

I love antique linens, but I hate washing and ironing them. You can't send them out, because they are fragile. So why buy them if you don't want to take care of them. It would be like getting a cat and saying that you hate fooling with kitty litter. (Okay, I have a cat and I frigging hate cleaning kitty litter.)

Still, EBAY charms me. You can find anything and everything on EBAY! (And you can win it, whether you really want to or not!)

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