Sunday, April 11, 2010

Waiting For Summer

Today it rained cats and dogs in sunny Cali. Say what? It's mid-April! Bad enough it was even raining on Easter Sunday.

I've had enough. I want to go out in the yard and enjoy the flowers and the sunshine. I want the dogs and the cat to take sunbaths! I want to drink iced sun tea and gin and tonics!

We have a big yard. I do a lot of gardening and I enjoy it. To me it's a very physical sport! I generally buy a ton of new flowers to plant every Spring. I love doing that and absolutely have no use for manicures because I hate rubber gloves. I love sticking my hands right in the soil. I usually end up with bites from spiders and bugs and such but who cares!

My pets watch me toil and think I'm crazy. They are a lazy bunch and find my efforts amusing. Harry gets a little peeved because I fill in the holes he digs trying to get to the dogs in the neighboring yard.

My favorite thing is to throw some corn on the cob on the grill, along with nice salmon steaks, and then do a peach, toasted almond, and spinach salad along with crusty french bread, great cheeses, and wonderful wines! Invite friends! Set the table with china and silver! The patio in summer can be so beautiful.

I love the long long days! I feel renewed with the warmth of the season. It's so fun to put away the heavy sweaters and sweat pants and pull out the linen capris and shorts and open toe shoes! Hurry up, damn it!

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