Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Confessional

I want to thank Glamazon Mormon Mom for this chance to unload my sins! It has been two weeks since my last confession. These are my sins:

1. I spoil my grand children rotten. It annoys the shit out of my kids. Too friggin bad!

2. I am not religious. I am more or less a pagan. I dislike organized religions. They are more about exclusion than inclusion.

3. I say I'm on a diet and then I eat 2 horribly fattening cookies promising myself that's all I will have for lunch. Then I go ahead and have lunch anyway.

4. When bored, I sometimes call random numbers on the phone just to brighten up my day. What do I say? Well, it depends on who answers. (Yeah, my phone is blocked so they can't ring me back.)

5. I have self control issues. If I want it, I want it.

6. I hate gossips. Really hate them.

7. I like scaring magazine sales people with my dogs. I let them go through their spiel and then when they try to hand me the sign up sheet, I say, "Oh, you MUST NOT reach toward me! The dog will attack if you do. It's how she's trained." I love the expression on their face. And I hate magazines. I have to order them from my grand kids and I never even read them.

8. When I was in high school, I made my girlfriends all jealous because all the guys looked at me when we walked by. I always got a little ahead of the others and crossed my eyes and let my tongue hang out the side of my mouth! Everybody looked. I was the cutest, huh?

9. I love firemen and Puerto Rican cabdrivers.

10. I tell lies for fun. I told my daughter in law that my mink coat was made from my black labrador retriever and that he would have wanted it that way. She told all her relatives about her fiancee's goofy Mom. I don't know why I tell lies, but I do like to!

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