Thursday, February 25, 2010

Awards From A BFF

Scott Free is an astounding young dude with more talent than should be legal at his age. He also has amazingly good taste! (Plus, he's so cute that all 6 of my granddaughters are now his groupies. Oops! I only have 4 granddaughters, but I get confused because of my age!)

If you haven't made Scotty's acquaintance yet, I strongly suggest that you do so. View some of his stimulating and engrossing films! Read what he has to say! You won't be sorry!

Scott has passed on a couple of just wonderful awards to me! (God! I love it when that happens!) I'm getting an award called the "Humane Award" as well as one called the "Sunshine Award". I just couldn't be more pleased. Scott, himself, has been the recipient of these awards so I know they are good ones since he is about as humane and sunshiny as it gets!

Thank you Scott! You the man! (er, young man!)

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