Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Personal Protection Units

I'm a cop's daughter. I learned how to handle a gun when I was about 12. Dad took me to the range and we practiced with his service revolver until I could hit the target, load and unload a gun, and clean the revolver.

I'm not afraid of guns. I don't really have much use for them either unless it's for target practice at the range. When used for home defense, guns take thought and that thought can be your undoing. Would I honestly point a weapon at a person and pull the trigger? Maybe, maybe not. But I wouldn't do it without thinking about it no matter what the situation is.

I very seldom feel nervous about security. My back door is frequently unlocked and even open. I live in a relatively safe area, but crime can happen anywhere.

If I need protection, I have the kind that doesn't require any thought at all. My dogs are protective. They don't analyze. They don't hesitate. Walk in at your own risk. A cable guy did just that one day. It took me and my husband to get Harry off of him. He was pinned in the corner of the room with the dog at his throat. The cable guy had thought for some reason our house was an apartment building and just walked in the front door. Not a smart move on his part.

He wasn't injured, but he was badly frightened.

The dogs are not friendly unless someone comes in with me or my husband. They are playful and polite then. Just don't walk in without one of us. Ever.

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