Friday, February 26, 2010

Confession - Good For the Soul

Confessional Friday

Terry, the HFMB Queen, sent me to Glamazon Mormon Mom so that I could unburden myself for this weeks sins. I'm not really sure how this works, (but when did that ever stop me?).

I'm sure that confession will be good for me, after all, I was raised Catholic so it's not a new concept.

I wrote a post today talking about being a good cook. I am a good cook, but I suffer from the sin of pride because I am showing off. I don't feel really bad about it, but I do know it's a sin.

I ate all the biscotti and didn't even save one for my husband even though I know he loves it.

I took two baths because I was really cold and because I just really like bubble baths. This is during a draught in California so it really is a sin.

I blew off physical therapy yesterday and went to lunch with a friend.

I gave the dogs the left over steak my husband was saving for his breakfast tomorrow.

I lied about how much I weigh on a BMI form.

I didn't put my clothes on until after 2 PM today.

I threw away underwear that I just didn't feel like dealing with. (No, I will not go into more detail than that.)

Now, don't I feel better? Uh, no, not really. So why did I do this again? I'm so easily led astray! Because Terry said to do it, I just did it. Well, she is the HFMB Queen, so I figure she must know something!

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