Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bitz and Pieces

Okay, here's the do from the back. Hmm. Bimbo Blond if I ever saw Bimbo Blond. Never mind. It will be my natural pale beige champagne color in no time. (I'll bet you wish you had natural beige champagne colored hair!)

You may wonder why I have a stylist who does screwy stuff to my hair. It's simple. I love her. She's a tad eccentric and that makes me smile. And she's expensive too. Oh well. You love what you love.

Speaking of which... My husband Alex has a "bromance" with his friend Maurice. Maurice owns an autobody shop and he is a racecar driver. Alex takes the BMW's to Maurice to do any necessary work.

There's only one problem with this. Maurice never fixes the cars right. That's what I said. Never fixes the cars right! Never is an awful long time. When I suggest to Alex that he just stop taking the cars there, and invite Maurice out for a cocktail to spend time with him, Alex giggles. I've also suggested that Alex send Maurice a ticket to some sporting event so that they can bond over that. Alex giggles at that one too.

Oh hell, who am I to talk. I pay my goofy stylist $180 to ruin my hair.

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