Sunday, March 21, 2010

Smoke In Bed

It's not supposed to be about the dogs all the time.

Smokey Joe Trouble gets a little jealous. And unless he receives equal treatment (even equal press), he gets in a hissy!

We've had Smokey since he was 5 months old; he was never a "sweet little kitty", but always a mean black cat with a bad attitude.

A few years ago, Alex and I were "babysitting" our next door neighbor cat, Idem, while his parents were on vacation. Alex decided he would bring Idem, a big Persian guy, over to have a nice visit with Smokey.

Now, on the face of it, I knew this was not going to be the right thing to do. It took us quite a while to acquaint Smokey and Mitch, our beloved Cocker Spaniel, (who is now in puppy heaven). Smoke and Mitch eventually became good friends, but it took time and a lot of work. I suggested that Alex not get involved in Smokey's relationships, particularly with another male cat. Like many men, Alex was sure he was doing the right thing.

Smokey likes to sleep in my closet. Alex carried Idem upstairs, opened the closet door, and the next thing I heard was Alex running for his life screaming like a girl. He was holding Idem like a football! Mitch was screaming too, from being clawed on the behind as she ran in front of the most terrifying cat I have ever seen.

This cat looked like a feline version of Cujo. Smokey had puffed out his fur so he looked like a 70 pound cat (maybe a panther). He was hissing, popping, and making the most ungodly noise I've ever heard, as he was trying to kill Alex, Mitch, and Idem.

Fortunately, Alex got Idem out the door before too much damage was done to anybody. I really think Smokey had attended "Cat Terrorist Training Camp" before he came to us.

Smoke is about 15 now. Has he mellowed with age? Oh hell no!

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