Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hump Day With Harry

The Thing About Beds

I really like to stay at my own house to sleep. I don't like to travel because the beds aren't good when I travel.

At home is the best bed of all. My bed is a big one and has a big cumferter on it. Then mom puts a silky thing on top of that because sometimes I drool.

Everything was just fine and then Lola came over to visit. I love Lola but she does bad things and then I get in trouble. I don't care. I still love her because she's curly and little. Well, anyway, Lola wants to come up on my bed with me. We can cuddle and I can put her head in my mouth and it's fun.

Then, what does Lola do? She starts chewing on the silky thing on the bed. She takes it in her mouth and tears it all up. When she's through, mom walks in and says "Harry! What have you done!" just like that.

So, Mom took off the silky thing and threw it away. She put a big ugly cotton thing on top of the bed. I don't like sleeping on that! So I always pull back the covers because there is a silky blanket in there and that's how I roll.

Lola is coming to visit this weekend. I can't wait!

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