Thursday, May 6, 2010

Leaky Brains

It's been a couple of weeks since this started. I had a bloody nose a while ago and it scared the shit out of me . I even went to the doctor and he cauterized my delicate (okay big) nostril.

Today, I was singing to Honey. She loves it when I sing. Right in the middle of "One Night In Bangkok" my nose started bleeding. I had not been snorting snuff or cocaine. (In fact, I never do that.) Still, my nose was spouting blood.

I'm sorry, but there is no other way to put it. I felt a funny feeling and put my hand up, and oh my God! I did what my doc told me to do and pinched my nose and hung my head over like you do to keep from fainting.

(Believe me, I never did this when I fake fainted because my mother told me to, when we were running away from my evil Dad with my 3 sisters in tow and we had no place to go so Mom always made me faint on the sidewalk while she would go into the Half Moon Bar and Grill and call my dad to come and pick us up because I was fainted "dead away" on the sidewalk.)

I have come to the conclusion that the blood is coming from my leaky brain. This scares me a bit. When I was very young, I had a floating ovary and got sent home from school by the nurse because of it. When I have told doctors' this, they look at me puzzled. Sorry but they don't know everything. There's a reason why they call it the "practice" of medicine. These dudes are just practicing!

Now I think my brain is leaking blood. Some of you may know better than me, are brains bloody? I'm assuming so. I'm not terribly worried because I have lived a good life (as in "a full life"not a "holy and religious" life as I am not a particularly religious woman, but rather a pagan in a lot of ways.) Still, the nosebleed has me troubled.

It came and went. And it's been almost 12 hours since it happened. Still, I can't sleep because I have to keep looking in the mirror to make sure the leaky brain isn't coming out of my eyes or ears too. (That totally could happen.) I keep getting a little tingle in my ears for example which could be related to Alex playing "Prince" really loud earlier or could be part of a leaky brain syndrome.

Now some of my best friends on here are of the nursing persuasion. They may try to tell me not to think this is a leaky brain issue, but I'm just saying ... it totally could be.

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