Monday, May 3, 2010

The Spring Has Sprung

All around the "hood" tulips are blooming, daffodils are showing their colors, the cherry trees have shown their colors and are in repose until that magical 3 weeks next year. Dang!

My rose bushes in front of the house look amazing! There are reds, pinks and whites out there crowding each other for center stage!

Last week I was bitching about cold and rain. Today, I'm too hot. I am so spoiled temperature-wise. I want the temperature between 67 and 72 and partly cloudy. It's all brilliant blue today and about 74. Way too warm for me. (I know. I know. I know.)

We have 3 big Honey Locust Trees in our garden. These trees have gorgeous white flowers and they rain in the breeze from May to July. I love breezy days that rain flowers! It's so cool! The Honey Locust trees have really evil thorns though. Have to be careful with those branches when they blow down.

Honey's favorite thing is taking sunbaths. Harry has red hair and guards his fair complexion at all times, so he prefers the shade always. I like a little sun, but I'm careful with it. I used to spread baby oil or olive oil on me and lay in the sand at the beach on hot days. Ancient history, but I still refuse to completely hide from the sun. Sun blocks are okay but they smell funny. Never mind. Only one sniffing me right now is Harry. And he likes funny smells!

Tonight I want to use the barby for ginger laced pork chops! Cucumber salad and jasmine rice! Oh baby! There's something about cucumber that just says Spring and Summer!

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