Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HFMB- It's the IRS

Wednesday was going along just fine.

Alex will be home on Friday and that's good thing. I got up at 8 this morning so I'm getting ready for the time change this weekend. (I usually NEVER get up before 9 because most people die early in the morning I've read and taken to heart.) Never mind. I did not die so it started off just fine.

We got our front porch replaced a couple of weeks ago. Good to have it done because we had some dry rot out there. Our contractor was great and finished the job in a very short time and it looks just like new. (Okay, the house was built in 1880, so it looks just the same as the old porch, but without the dry rotted boards.)

It cost about $5000 to do the porch, including materials. Really not that bad when I think about it. Two guys worked for 4 full days on it. Not cheap, but not outrageous either. Plus, it had to be done. We also had registration for two of our three cars due about the same time as the porch. So, we're out quite a bit of money for the last 30 days. Never mind. It's only money, right?

We also had to take Honey to the vet for her shots and lab work last week. That trip ended up costing $350. Yeah, she's old and has some health issues but suck it up, we do everything we can to keep her healthy and comfortable.

Also, I've been looking at my hair and realizing it's looking a bit like a rat's nest. I know I said I was going to grow it out and get big hair, but I think I've changed my mind. My hair grows straight up, (picture those troll dolls) so maybe that's not going to work. Plus I swore I'd never do big hair. Okay, a cut and color costs $150 before the tip. I think I'm going to start wearing hats. Oh hell, maybe I'll just start wearing a burka for that matter. Then I won't need cosmetics either.

The nice mailman came today. We have one nice guy, and one who does not ever say a word. He's not that nice. You say hello to him and he just looks at you. You thank him and he doesn't even look at you. Okay, like I said, it's a good Wednesday so far.

I walked in the house and my good day came to a crashing halt. Right on top, there is an envelope from the IRS addressed to me and my husband. I have never gotten something nice in the mail from the IRS. It's never been a survey to see how I like their new forms. It's never an invite to come to a pot luck. This one was no different. It says we owe $1,350.00 to the IRS. Say what? We pay them a shitload of money and they want more! No wait! There was that thing a couple of years ago that we totally forgot about. Ah jeeze! Holy Fucking Monkey Balls! We do owe it.

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