Monday, March 8, 2010

Ten Years From Now

Kathee at 2010-The Year of Miracles tagged me with this yesterday. Thanks Kathee!

Okay, in ten years I hope to be:

Either dead or alive and nothing in between

In possession of my faculties

Having dogs and husband around

Seeing my 6 grandchildren with happy adult lives

Still loving music and art and movies

In good health for an older woman

That's about it!

Now I am supposed to tag 10 people and pass this on to them.

Scott at Ergo (one of the most amazing bloggers I've encountered!)

Jen at Redhead Ranting (not just another pretty face, but she has that too!

Cat Lady Larew at How to Become a Cat Lady without the Cats, (she's really my sister from another mother.)

Alyssa at Bloggin 2 Noggin. (Lots of charm!)

Suzicate at The Water Witch's Daughter (great writer and really funny when she wants to be!)

Val at Golden to Silver Val, (interesting woman and damned good writer!)

Jay, the birthday boy at Cynical_Bastard (he is neither, by the way).

Bridget at Bridget's Two Cents (Army wife and mom of 3 and a way fun girl!)

Southern Sage at the Independent Thinker's Lounge (not everybody's cup a tea, but he's mine! Funny, irreverent, smart, and thought provoking.)

And last, but not least is Patience at A Reason Or A Season. (She's hilarious!)

So there you go. Thanks again Kat!

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