Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Award! Jeeze Louise!

The person who gave me this award is my darling friend Val. She is over at Golden to Silver Val and I found her by magic I think. I needed a level headed, rock star woman of my own generation to hang out with! She's never let me me down, not even once! Thank you Val!

The rules that come with this award are as follows:

1. When you receive this award you must thank the person that awarded you in a new post.

2. Name 10 things that make you happy.

3. Pass this award to other bloggers who make you happy.

Okay, ten things that make me happy!

1. My husband being home, or coming home. He travels too damn much!

2. My dogs, my cat, my fish. Yeah, it's like that!

3. My grandchildren. All six are wonderful, but my first-born, Cyrus, is my best friend too. (At 17, he's still my heart and soul.)

4. Chocolate

5. Makers Mark - If God made a better sipping whiskey, I don't know what it is.

6. My son John and his beautiful wife Kate.

7. My daughter Sheila and her wonderful husband.

8. Pit bulls who are well behaved.

9. German Shepherds.

10. Dogs of indeterminate heritage!

Okay, now to the bloggers who make me happy:

1. Nooter the Dog is the funnest dude in the world. He and Harry are a lot alike but I think Nooter is smarter.

2. Whispering Writer at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a time. She's hilarious and has magical children!

3. Oh For Pete's Sake, Absolutely amazing! Love it!

4. Day to Day by Gregory J. This guy is the real deal. Love him to bits!

Val, thank you so much for this awesome award, and for reminding me how many things make me happy!

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