Saturday, March 20, 2010

And The Award Goes To ---

Suzicate at the Water Witch's Daughter gave me this fantastic award this morning! Thank you so much! It was the perfect way to start my day!

Today, by the way, is Persian New Year. So to any of you Persians out there, Happy New Year! My ex husband said once that he loved the Madonna song "Like a Persian" but didn't really understand it, what with being touched for the very first time and all.

I am going to pass this award on to a couple of bloggers who always brighten my day! The first is bestowed on How Much Longer Till Friday. This is a relatively new blog written by a very funny young lady!

The second award is for Dual Mom over at We're at Dad's That Week. Dual Mom finally did it. I lost control of my bladder because I was laughing so hard reading her post this morning. Thanks DM!

The last (but not least) award goes to Mrs.BlogAlot. I adore this writer and she has won every award known to blogger-kind and then some. Still, any award for mischief that did not go to her would not be worth its weight in sugar substitute!

Again, Suzicate, thank you so much!

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