Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hump Day With Harry

The Thing About Jobs

This is a picher of me and Lola. I am doing my job. I do have to werk for the kibble and snaks you know. This job is called "guarding the perimeter" and Dad says it's important.

Lola just wants to play but as you can see, I'm busy doing my job.

I have another job too. My Mom works on the computer all day, and she is right handed. I keep Mom from having carpull tunnell syndrom by pushing her right hand up under my head whenever I think she might be getting tired. This is an important job. Mom sometimes tell me to just "scoot" but then she gets mad if I scoot on the oriental rug.

My other job is to keep squirrels out of my yard. If I let them come in my yard, then they will be coming in my house next. I have one more job too, but because I have ADD, I can't remember it right now.

I have a good friend named Nooter The Dog and I asked him a bunch of kwestions this week and he knows all the ansers. Mom says he needs to take the SATs for one of her family members.

Oh now I remember. My other job is to do something called KP. When Honey gets threw eating I am supposed to go lick her bowl clean. That is my funnest job. Mom always makes us organic chicken and organic brown rice to mix with our kibble. She gives us our food with something Dad calls "Awww Jew". That stuff makes it into gravy. There is always some awww jew left in the bowl.

Mom says that being Jewish is a religion. I understand that but I dont' know why my dad calls that wonderful gravy awww jew. I think I will have to change my religion (pound dog) to awww jew because it sounds like a better religion to me.

If you have any qwestions about anything in your life, go talk to Nooter. He is the smartest dog in the world.

This is the part when I need to thank my Mom for letting me be a "guest blogger". Since she loves you guys, I do too.

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